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  • January 2, 2016
Sir Solomon Wilberforce Owusu Essandor - Founder
George Larbi-Founder
Doris Ayim - Founder
Emmanuel Ofosu-Founder


From a small beginning in the bomb shelter of Domus Academica in Helsinki, the National Union of Ghanaians Resident in Finland (NUGRIF) has gradually grown into an enlarged and a more vibrant Ghana Union (GUF).

The Union was founded and registered as NUGRIF ry in November 1992 by George Larbi, Wilberforce Essandor, Doris Ayim and Emmanuel Ofosu. The name was changed to Ghana – Union Finland (GUF) ry in September 1999. Presently only Wilberforce Essandor remains in Finland as one of the two Patrons of the Union


Ghana Union Finland ry (GUF) is an association of Ghanaian immigrants in Finland and other people who subscribe to its ideals. It has been formed as an independent, non-political, non-profit organisation.

We the Ghanaians resident in Finland, recognize the need for close association to strengthen the bond of friendship and cooperation among ourselves, and to promote cordial relationship with our host nation (Finland) in the areas of social, political, cultural, economic, religious, educational, and other related issues, in the interest of peace and justice.



Ghana Union Finland is committed to promoting positive attitudes and understanding in the Ghanaian community in Finland, and between Ghanaian immigrants and the majority Finnish population.


Aims & Objectives:

  • To bring together Ghanaian immigrants living in unity and harmony in Finland.
  • To assist members of the Union, where possible, in times of need.
  • To foster cordial relationships among Ghanaian immigrants and other people in Finland.
  • To promote activities in the areas of social, political, cultural, economic, educational and other related issues within the legal boundaries of Finland for positive multicultural understandings in the Finnish society.
  • To promote a cordial relationship between Finland (our host nation) and Ghana (our country of origin) in the interest of development, peace and justice.

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