GUF President’s Speech: Ghana’s Independence anniversary celebration 2019

Your Excellency, Mrs Amerley Ollennu Awua-Asamoa, the Honorary Consul of Ghana in Finland, Ms Ulla Alanko, Mr. Chairman, Religious representatives, Nananom, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.
This is the most extraordinary occasion at this time of the year in the history of Ghana.
On behalf of the Ghana Union Finland and on my own behalf, I wish to thank all of you for coming today to join us to celebrate Ghana’s 62nd independence anniversary, which actually fell on 6 March 2019.
Ghana is today regarded around the world as a good example of democracy and peace. As we celebrate Ghana, let us all as Ghanaians and friends of Ghana, especially those of us living abroad and having gained some international exposure, think about how best we can help improve the situation back home through our acquired resources, knowledge and expertise.
Your Excellency, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is exactly one year this time when our administration took over at the helm of affairs of the Union. Our administration continues to uphold the key tenets of what the Union stands for—enhancing close cooperation and promoting peaceful and cordial relationships, the effective integration of Ghanaians into the Finnish society, as well as upholding the good image of Ghana abroad.
The Union cherishes the solid and cordial relationship we have with the Ghana Embassy in Denmark, which has concurrent accreditation to Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.
Your Excellency, Ladies and Gentlemen, we acknowledge the Embassy’s immense help to us as Ghanaian immigrants in Finland, not forgetting the help from the Honorary Consulate as well. We are indeed grateful, and, like Oliver Twist, we ask for more of such support!
As you all are aware, the Union has been active in organizing effective events. For example, including educational training such as the fire safety in the home, tax and pension workshop, etc.
The Union has also been organizing a business symposium with the Finnish Foreign Ministry, the Embassy and the Honorary Consulate on trade and investment in Ghana in collaboration to promote Ghana in terms of attracting investors. We hope to continue in this direction.
In Finland, the Union has been giving support to Ghanaians in good and bad times such as when deaths occurred, where the Union has played a key role in organising the funeral. The Ghana Union Finland assists all Ghanaians, irrespective of their affiliation with it.
However, it is now prudent to consider more concrete benefits depending on whether people are paid-up members or not. For example, we used to support members in terms of gifts for births. We would take this proposal to the Union’s Governing Board to consider reintroducing this scheme and work out details based on how active a member is. We, therefore, encourage people to register and pay their dues to the Union in order to enjoy such benefits and others in future equitably.
Our Financial Secretary has prepared a comprehensive financial report which will soon be examined by our internal auditors and the governing board at the Union’s general meeting.
Long live Ghana; long live Finland; long live the Ghana Union Finland!!!


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